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Thanks to its innovative design, Aptis offers an unrivalled passenger experience. Its berthing system for perfect alignment with the pavement, its fully low and completely flat floor and wide double doors permit easy circulation and convenient boarding for people with reduced mobility and prams. Equipped with large bay windows along its entire length, Aptis offers 25% more windowed surfaces than a standard bus, and a rear seating area with panoramic views of the city.


Aptis was designed with an optimised total cost in mind. This is possible thanks to reduced maintenance and operating costs and a longer service life than that of a standard bus. For the local authorities, therefore, the goal is to have a total cost equivalent to that of existing standard diesel buses.


Since September 2018, Aptis is also referenced by the CATP, the French central procurement office for public transport, in its electric bus offer destined for public purchasing by local authorities. This referencing allows member authorities to order Aptis vehicles directly and simply from the CATP, avoiding long and costly procedures.

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